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Inside the Group

Crystal Aero Solutions is the unique MRO in the world integrating PART 145 with logistics and customs, for 100% optimized maintenance solutions. Crystal Aero Solutions intends to be to most flexible and imaginative MRO for commercial aircraft

Creativity and enterprise to excel

In 1986, Patrick Legal created Qualitair, specialized customs clearing and aircraft transportation company. Competing with major freight forwarder and logistic actors, Qualitair quickly managed to position itself as a competitive market player by promoting accurate and quality services.
In 1989, the company celebrated its first on-site client set-up.
In 1992, it became the first French freight forwarder to obtain ISO 9002 certification. Inn 2009, it then obtained Full AEO certification (Full Authorised Economic Operator – Customs, safety, security).

Sense of anticipation

Qualitair stands out through its capacity to anticipate and foresee market evolution.
As early as 1990, founding CEO, Patrick Legal predicted that logistic solutions would soon become vital in responding to market expectations and created ALIS, acronym for “Logistics Assistance and Integrated Solutions”.
Shortly after, Qualitair sensed the necessity to develop sectored competences and created Aerospace International in 1992, a specific internal department dedicated to logistics and aerospace, followed by Autolog and Petrolog in 2001.

Group synergy

In 2007, Patrick Legal created the holding company “Crystal Group”, preluding group consolidation and company handover.
In 2012, Joël Glusman who had worked for many years alongside Patrick Legal, took over the group.
By then, Crystal Group had already invested in SETCARGO, a Caribbean based freight forwarder. Several years later, in 2014, the group invested in the Brazilian company ILS CARGO becoming, a key player on the Brazilian market. The group then invested in a German freight forwarding company in January 2018.
Crystal Group is proud of its independence. Today, it employs more than 550 people throughout the world, 350 of which are in France, and makes an annual turnover of more than 130 million euros.

Passion for aeronautics

Crystal Group’s involvement in aerospace did not end with the creation of the International Aerospace department in 1992.
In 2008, Qualitair & Sea created the first international transport and logistics network in the aeronautics industry.
Then, in 2013, Crystal Group innovated even further, by creating the Aerospace Logistics Alliance which contains more than 60 members.
” TALA opens a new era in the logistics industry. Before, airline companies only had two options when dealing with their supply chain, use powerful freight forwarder integrated networks or use flexible local partners. With TALA, all of the aeronautics industry partners (spare parts, helicopter or aircraft constructors) can externalize their supply chain to international partners who combine integrated group strength and local service provider flexibility ” Joël Glusman, TALA. In 2018, Crystal Group ventures further into the aeronautics industry, creating a new subsidiary dedicated to airline maintenance, Crystal Aero Solutions, to work with TALA.

32 years of experience in:

Aeronautics & logistics solutions

Customs & freight forwarding

Emergency transport AOG 24/7

Supply chain engineering

IT solutions