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Crystal AOG Solutions, a unique solution on the market to reduce your AOG time and costs.

  • Removal/installation of aircraft parts, for any type of equipment such as flaps, landing gears and engines (GE90, LEAP engines, CFM 56, etc…)
  • Engine, equipment, qualified staff and tools transportation
  • Organization of cargo flight for parts transportation
  • Management of customs, import – export formalities.
  • Management of administrative formalities (airside access, airport authorization and company concierge service).

Our advantages

  • NETWORK > With our worldwide network, we operate AOG situations in more than 100 countries.
  • INTEGRATION > We ideally integrate logistics/transport with aircraft maintenance and customs, including local administrative facilitation due to our worldwide network.
  • TAKE IT EASY! > We offer a unique point of contact consolidation of services for the whole AOG operation: 1 service / 1 price / 1 invoice.
  • ANTICIPATION > We anticipate most of AOG situation via detailed business cases analysis, so that when there is an AOG, we just have to press the button.
  • PREMIUM EXPERTISE > The best technical expertise in aircraft maintenance (more than 1000 engines changes for our team), 32 years in logistics / transport and customs.
  • AVAILABLE STAFF & TOOLS > Large panel of available tools and equipment bringing highest level of flexibility & mobility.
  • SOFTWARE > User-friendly IT Solutions.

Crystal Aerosolutions +

4 expertise in one product